New Indoor Acrylic Oval/Circle LED & WOW Exhibitions LED Floor For Rental

New Indoor Acrylic Oval/Circle LED


Super flat 12 mm indoor acrylic oval/circle LED wall signs for easy mounting wall incl. adaptor and poster print change by silver colored passé-partout

bf80f730-43e3-4689-93ce-f3501691d186 84ec9065-d51b-4998-ab89-7ee9f620e55f
 Acrylic circle LED

Poster size 466 mm
Exterior 580 mm dia.
Intro price € 199

 Oval circle LED

Poster size 700 x 350 mm
Exterior 820 x 470 mm
Intro price € 169

Single Sided LED Round Acrylic Light Box


  1. 11 mm deep
  2. 3 mm clear acrylic front plate, 6 mm light guide plate, 2 mm white back acrylic plate
  3. LED strips around for edge lit, white color 6500K
  4. 25 mm width silver printed round edge for hiding the LED chips
  5. CE certificated DC 12V transformer with 1.5 m power cable, AC100~240V input
  6. 30 mm width clear surround edge
  7. 4 chroming bolts for wall mounted

Prices for Single Side LED Round Acrylic Light Box

Size Package Unit Price (EXW) Quantity (Set)
Dia. 800 mm 1pc/box,
Carton size: 870x880x80 mm,
Gross weight: 12.5 kg
€ 330 + 1
Dia. 600 mm 1pc/box,
Carton size: 670x680x80 mm, Gross weight: 8 kg
€ 246 + 1

+ plus DHL Courier Cost € 175

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New LED Step Animation for Exhibition Floor
A Stand Guests Never Forget!


2eef4de0-33f2-4083-90f9-18fb6d9e0c64 c130f057-66d8-44b4-9b77-1b2a3ec1f255
Fascinate the customers for your next trade show exhibition!Rent a 30 m2 LED floor or smaller size. Fascinate the customers when stepping on the floors – bobbles or fish or your product flashes up. Themes of the pictures animations can be customized very inexpensive from many standard templates.

Many themes to choose from like: deep blue ocean, fruit & food, travel, snow, etc.


Create with us the WOW effect for your products and customers!

References are among others Melodi Grandprix Copenhagen 2014 Victoria Secrets fashion show, trade shows, disco & night clubs etc.






Contact today for a rental agreement as the floors are quickly overbooked!

New Queue Belt & Night Lit Banner

New Friendly Queue Belts

57d57b29-3b5d-46d2-a6a0-58c6fa1e34f7 b61971d6-4816-455f-b19b-0872e1044d59 12278911-17db-4f3a-ab37-da83a754d28c

Guaranteeing proper privacy protection when frequenting any public place is a key factor for the smooth and pleasant use of a service

b6bcb801-7fdf-42ad-9d3f-abf64f116539 280baff0-83e0-4bdb-8472-6f4619a0f643

Customers privacy is protected throughout their visit. They judge the service positively, and therefore wish to come back to this shop. There are different colors of belts and different lengths. Our belts are compatible with existing belts


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Night Lit LED Banner


1232d90b-8116-4c87-81c2-e68de9bfd9f8 0bf42a96-0bb6-4f1a-a316-031dd5d224ae 0748eefb-7c9a-4602-8670-fcfd5f2e4170 1760a3fe-18e9-41be-9e33-fbabf643b638
  • New smart LED Banner for Day & Night
  • Outdoor & Indoor
  • The aerodynamic design – turns in the wind
  • 3 advertizing faces for multiple branding messages
  • Assembles under a minute, using an “umbrella” mechanism
  • Light weight and easy to carry, easy to store
  • Supplied with carry bag, putdoor spike and or indoor stand
  • Requires no electric cords. Batteries last for approx. 12 hours
  • 10 pcs. complete Night-Lit 2 m with full color print 299 € / pcs.
4c7abcbb-a605-4a66-b811-8483139b15f0 24d4ac89-e466-450c-944f-9bb4436255ad
610c7318-d9cb-4ec8-8e32-f3b89bb2e307 22e5f052-74bc-4acc-930c-a57357ce11de

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Turn New Queue Belt Into Profitable Display Business for Branding of Advertisement Space

X-Stream Version

Get the best experience from your customers with brand new solutions for belt tensioning systems for queue lines, take profit of our new trends for promoting your messages while your customers are waiting and enjoy digital solution displays to assure the right information straight away


It combines in a single product guidance sign and space management functions

97c13fa2-4d10-453c-8b3c-d1a616e33c94 ba2789e4-3634-4fd2-9dd8-ff6404649a27

X-Stream New Trendsetter in Sporty Design to build add-on billboard advertisement for 3rd party companies:

  • Clean colour of the belt without printing – clean variant gives airport up-scale
  • It is possible to customize corporate webbing colour (Clean look)
  • The up-right pole design gives airport a third party promotional income for renting out advertisement panel space to e.g. mobile phone, Samsonite companies etc.
  • Airport space and guidance management by “Show-me-the-Way” signs like escalators, security, gates, disabled, lounges, WC, etc.
  • Very easy to change image/display as add-on
  • 100% compatible with our other design products

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The sporty design combined with endless personalisation custom options makes X-STREAM the new trend-setter


X-STREAM is an evolved belt tensioning system designed to meet the needs of an ever-changing market




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New Video Sidewalk A-Board & Wayfinding Classic Line

New Video Sidewalk A-Board
Play Film in Front of the Shop
95 cm High, 30 kg Only!

4a09692c-9669-4831-a425-b2650a3a1a02 1a6d39fa-cc39-4be6-9b87-ec137bfb764b

Clean and simple portable design. Compact size and lockable wheels, make it suitable for any indoor location. Videos, images and animations can be viewed with the greatest flexibility and simplicity thanks to the quality of the Full HD 32″ LCD panel.

Film media is simply loaded to a local memory card, USB stick or can also be sent remotely through a simple software application via the Internet. Use is everywhere: cafes, bakeries, bookstores, fashion boutiques, fast-food. All messages will be communicated effectively in a brand new eye-catching way.

  • Full HD resolution. Audio sound as option
  • Easy to lift and move by hidden back wheels
  • Free Digital Signage Software
  • Wi-Fi or USB uploading
  • Local or remote content delivery
  • Primary brand professional LCD’s
  • Avoid printing costs – your business becomes alive


Model Description Q-ty Price per unit (€) Total unit price (€)
SDK20.P32 SideWalk Poster Portrait LCD panel 32″ Nits 450, IP 20 1 1250 1250
OFD.LC.1 Client Logo customization (Standard: Digital printed logo) 1 270 free
OSW.CC.32 Custom color for Structure Colors: Black or White as standard 1 290 optional
OFD.MPSW.0 Media-Player Stand-Alone-USB Android Full HD capable player for loop playing of media files from USB card – (Video: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, WMV; Image: JPEG, BMP, PNG) 1 140 optional
OFD.WIFI.2 Wireless Module – 802.11a/b/g/n protocols 1 90 optional

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Wayfinding Classic Line
High Scale Design
Exchange Line

e0e87fe4-58ab-4428-806c-a2013c19703d 00991c46-f29d-4da7-8fb8-e5dafde579be

Easy message change is one of the distinctive features of EXCHANGE. The ALLFLEX frame can hold EXCHANGE solutions on steel cables or Stilo bars using elegant system of plain yet effective elements that are highly modular and can create infinite combinations.

e77b8f6d-c6c5-4b8e-b32a-e00c4234abff 00005f24-3b71-411d-93b3-077161d13811
dde93311-83aa-499b-9f4d-3ece72aee217 f4a189fb-34f0-44be-9fd3-97e0b7d1350d

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255ab8f9-7f8e-4b15-8b21-af7319c03c4f 1f99de74-c211-48d4-b84f-e5bab79d13de

GRAPHIC is an elegant lightweight display system that is quick and easy to install. It comprises a series of custom methacrylate panels and is available in a wide range of different formats and finishes to suit any architectural style.

b9c7412b-25b7-48f8-8672-4c0aa4719a91 514301ed-a2b1-452d-b812-bdf26d751d99 dd05970d-5f90-46b8-9d57-8ee328c69ed8

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91ddb069-0ed7-49a7-882c-8ac2ec587058 492d1c6a-7d2c-4440-be51-c6e8b5715407

INFOPOLE is an invaluable resource for communicating and displaying that fits in anywhere thanks to its elegant, functional design.

The slim free-standing or wall-mounted system can be enriched with an assortment of different elements.

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Low Cost Tactiva InfoKiosk – Redeem Consumers E-Mails Interactive

Low Cost Tactiva InfoKiosk – Redeem Consumers E-Mails Interactive
New INFOPOLE Designed Display

8f8c4a50-1f6f-4dfe-9d58-e7d1dc1c159f 4ab3513c-e3c2-43a0-91ff-8dbd4e36ca76

Are your customers active? Create interaction between the product and the consumers.

Beautifully designed Tactive InfoKiosk can bring all the needed information to customer fingertips.

With the help of Tactive with integrated touch, they will “feel” the products. Get permission to collect e-mail addresses etc. Start the marketing dialog.

Tactive is available in 22″, 32″, 47″ and 55″ with an integrated standard dual touchscreen. Many useful options; 80 mm thermal printer, magnetic card reader, RFID reader to meet all interactive needs for all self-service applications.

  • Fully customizable software and colors
  • Frontal and rear doors for easy access
  • Landscape and portrait versions
  • Exclusive contemporary design & vandalism protected
  • Small foot base for handicapped
  • Structure made of stainless steel, weight only 25 kg
  • Safety lock and invisible screws and hinges


Model Description Q-ty Price per unit (€) Total unit price (€)
TIK20.P22 InfoKiosk Portrait or Landscape LCD panel 22″ Nits 250, IP 20 1 2200 2200
OFD.A2x5 Audio 2×5 W 1 130 optional
OTK.CC.IK Structure in custom color InfoKiosk standard Colors: Black or White 1 190 optional
OTK.CHRME.IK Monitor frame in chrome finishing 1 130 optional
OTK.DRW1 Sliding drawer with predisposition for printer and card reader 1 190 optional
OFD.MPSW.0 Media-Player Stand-Alone USB Android Full HD capable player for loop playing of media files from USB card (Video: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, WMV; Image: JPEG, BMP, PNG) 1 140 140
OFD.WIFI.1 Intel® Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 802.11agn, 2×2, dual band delivers up to 300 Mbps speed 1 110 optional

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New INFOPOLE Designed Display

be09ecea-79e9-4529-89d1-859dfc53d0b1 20d384b5-d2af-4335-928e-2997c616cfa2

Slim and sturdy construction, stand alone and well attached to the wall, there are many displays – open windows, posts and custom panels, banner ads and shelves. They can be combined as desired to increase the influence INFOPOLE, which is also ideal for working in confined spaces and locations with heavy customer traffic


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New Outdoor & Indoor Directional Signs & Outdoor Digipan LCD Monitor Uploaded By USB-Stick

New Outdoor & Indoor Directional Signs
Outdoor Digipan LCD Monitor Uploaded by USB-Stick


Digital directions signs:

  • Moving 360 Degrees around
  • Single sided or double sided
  • Control from PC wired network or 3 G Mobile
  • Showing distances, events, minutes to go etc.
c616c1a7-a82e-4e4f-a34b-279817c398ba fb4c6284-9226-43c3-84bf-2a7f733db0e2

Thermoformed arrows
Shapely mast in extruded aluminium
Overall height: 3.741 mm
Diameter: 140 mm
Arrow size: 1.010 x 275 mm
First arrow is positioned at height of 2.565 mm (down to 2.300 mm, EC rules)

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Low Cost Outdoor Digipan LCD Monitor Uploaded by USB-Stick

For Museums Outdoor38ed7471-9b48-4f5d-a741-5506edeabec7 For Movie Theaters Outdoorabda6899-e3a3-41f3-874c-88c7de0f0cd4
For Churches Outdoor 6944cd48-4c9f-4c47-bf7b-8cf193ff7892  For Sports Outdoor305591dc-1b7d-4d19-9c19-18280d9e635d


Simple to operate – readable in a strong direct sunlight. Ready for Plug & Play with USB stick

  • 32″- 47″ LCD screens
  • Portrait format
  • 1000- 2000 NITS
  • IP 55 (Can take direct rain or water from hose)
  • Operate down to minus 30 Co
  • Aluminum stander pair 2,5 m long. Or wall mounted
  • Very simple up-load of content with USB dongle stick of your Windows Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc.)
8a70f23d-b3ba-4c26-9040-e46a316cb444 9648abd1-b374-4efe-9e86-d8d6baf39e64

Mounted on aluminum stander legs. Just make 80 cm deep hole into ground and connect 230 V power. Plug & Plays with Digipan – That is easy!



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New 3-D Digital Signage Monitors & Low Prices For Outdoor Poster Boards

New 3-D Digital Signage Monitors
Low Prices for Outdoor Poster Boards


Glass free 3-D “A new era in marketing”. Use new 3-D displays in shop marketing:

  • 3-D increases customer satisfaction
  • 3-D generates greater attention and impresses the target groups
  • 3-D builds Brand Awareness “Top of Mind”
  • 3-D increases sales
  • 3-D gives longer viewing time
  • 3-D is new possibilities for shop advertisers


Business case – Chiquita

  • POS Ica Maxi, Stockholm
  • 24″ Display med AS3-D film
  • Chiquita’s result over 10 months: 30 % increase in sale
Digital Signage solutions in 3-D (and 2D)

Digital Signage solutions in 3-D (and 2D)


Business Case – Telenor Sweden (Phones popping out of the window!)

  • During 1 hour six groups of people stopped in front of the 3-D window display (period of summer 2014)
  • Aprox. 104 people / day watched the content on the 3-D display more than 3 seconds (30 days > 3000 persons). For the 2-D display it was aprox. 33 people / day (990 persons). Difference more than 2000 persons / month!

Different Formats

Standard sizes for the 3-D displays are from 10″ – 55″. We also offer glasses for 3-D video walls in various configurations, such as 3×55″ (totem) and 2×2 (110″)

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Weather Resistant Poster Bulletin Board

b62c6caa-b39e-458d-93be-24d3afe329f4 baed5f01-07a8-4cbd-a127-e572dddb7e35
a49ad608-278c-41a2-ad08-cf30ba01ad07 d03b1f27-1182-4124-b346-5c590c3a404a

Easy use of receipt of your printed information for your audience on DIN A4 printing for setting by means of magnets in a safe and vandal-proof door with locks . Easily assembled on Stander feet or directly on a wall by wimbling 4 inward in a frame profile – or it is simple to dig up a 80 cm of the deep opening in soil for Stander of feet. Anticorrosive and almost not requiring technical service – strong in an environment, though waterproof, as an auto car

48 mm Plan Display PN for Stander Legs or Wall Hanging with Illumination

e574554d-b586-4e39-87eb-89a860b90c87 baca8c20-f969-462b-8195-865775d3b3e2 ee7f3f8d-2e7f-41e2-877d-099666356e33
All sizes also special sizes. Only 48 mm deep
  • Aluminum silver anodized
  • Side door open like door
  • Top door open (as picture)
  • 4 mm security glass. (Tempered)
  • Fits all DIN poster formats or special sizes on request
  • Magnetic white back plate
  • Security lock with 2 keys
  • Mitred corners
  • Ready for use shipment (no extra work)
Model  PN 3 PN 2 PN 1 PN 0
 Portrait format mm  380 x 580  500 x 750  680 x 1000  920 x 1350
 Landscape format mm  500 x 460  920 x 760
 Format  DIN A3  DIN A2  DIN A1  DIN A0
 Pris i DKK / Euro  3195 / 430  3550 / 478  3925 / 529  4975 / 670

PN 1 = 8 pcs. A4 paper Alle priser er eksklusiv moms/ ll prices ex. tax
PN 2 = 4 pcs. A4 paper

Lys / Light Class SK 1 / CE  595 DKK / 80 Euro
Gasfjedre / Gas openers  495 DKK / 67 Euro
80 mm Hvidt akrylskilt / White acrylic sign  370 DKK / 50 Euro
Standerben in aluminum / For freestanding stander legs 1575 DKK / 212 Euro
Størrelser og farver / Special sizes or colors Yes
Leveringstid / Delivery time 4 uger / 4 weeks

Stander Legs for Soil / Beton

91bd84e1-6a06-429b-a362-12f87fc9d3ac d4ad696b-6a5d-4174-9345-1ca4d409d100

New Low Price Wooden Poster Wagon, Flipping Wall. LED Emergency Exit Signs 04082016

New Poster Holder HK-40 Beech Wood
New LED Exit Edge-Lit in Any Size


Now Only 1930 DKK (260 EUR) for 30 Posters up to 70 x 100 cm

b015a9fc-7b3a-484c-94b3-f136f6da7298    5e05a624-ab39-44a3-b62e-024bd19c2e60
Poster Holder HK-40 beech wood

For poster sleeve:

  • NL 62 x 87 cm   116 DKK / pcs
  • NL 70 x 100 cm 134 DKK / pcs

Metal Poster Wagons

Poster Wagons or Poster Holders in white color. Poster Wagons offer a stable presentation of posters. Capacity: the sleeves protect up to 2 x 30 pcs. posters against busy-fingers and dust. Easy usage and storages for posters. Lockable wheels.

b35bf877-95f3-41b8-8cfa-fc5707bdfe1c ef09fa6b-d4d0-41d7-9269-aedb84e362f7 8c641883-5f5c-439d-be16-fc286ea0d4bb

Poster Holder LLB-XS
2125 DKK

For poster sleeve:
NL 62 x 87 cm
PA 62 x 87 cm
PAV 62 x 87 cm

Poster Holder LL-M
1925 DKK

For poster sleeve:
NL 70 x 100 cm
PA 70 x 100 cm
PAV 70 x 100 cm

Sleeve NL 70 x 100
134 DKK / pcs

Poster sleeves with 3 sided heavy
textile edge. 0.3 mm high
transparant acid-free
sleeve. Minimum 5 pcs.

e325369e-7f5d-4b24-80c3-ca3591104c94 bebd76df-c9ee-4fe3-9261-5ea34a926adb

Sleeve PA
62 x 87 cm 179 DKK
70 x 100 cm 199 DKK

3 sided aluminium edge.
The short side at the top is open.

 Sleeve PAV
62 x 87 cm 218 DKK
70 x 100 cm 241 DKK

4 sided aluminium edge.
The two short sides can
be opened and closed.
Protects against dust
and busy-fingers.

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Wall Display / Flipping Wall

Save space and hang the posters on ten wall. Flipping Wall Display in white colored metal, gives the ultimate overview for your posters and save your valuable floor-space. We offer 4 sizes Wall-XS, Wall-S, Wall-M and Wall-WAGON-M each with the capacity for max 30 sleeves (2 x 30 pcs.).

Flipping Wall
Poster sleeves 70 x 100 cm

4caebe99-ee90-4096-9577-7e2dd3b4b86d 02220768-b5cd-4a39-b35a-b10d1a51ef2a d1f29196-e8d9-4eaa-a45e-d29e5b56009f

2080 DKK

For postersleeve:
PAS 51 x 67 cm
PAVS 51 x 67 cm

2255 DKK

For postersleeve:
PAS 62 x 87 cm
PAVS 62 x 87 cm

2485 DKK

For postersleeve:
PAS 70 x 100 cm
PAVS 70 x 100 cm

 f9dfa0b6-7838-44ad-b6af-f92706b0afa9  4ce4b37a-dc98-449f-a617-390761415dfb  72eb000e-2133-45b5-8620-5715551032a5

6050 DKK

For postersleeve:
PAS 70 x 100 cm
PAVS 70 x 100 cm

 Sleeve PAS

3 sided aluminium edge.
The short side at the top is open

 Sleeve PAVS

4 sided aluminium edge. The two short
sides can be opened and closed.
Protects against dust and busy-fingers

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Exit Edge Lit in Any Size

0aad1aeb-505b-4330-bfd4-fde88c160651 65ccf541-5389-43c5-a1a1-56aee7f67556

LED Emergency Exit Signs for cinemas and public places. We can customize all sizes. From DIN A4 size to + 1200 mm LED Bar Light LED rigid bar with aluminum slot, can approve for 6 mm or 5 mm thickness Our price include LED bar, acrylic, aluminum slot, power wire, connector, EU adapter. An economic solution for engraved panels, vinyl letters or digital print stickers


f586c815-a986-4b93-ad27-04d363099275 f5973638-bfc2-4358-a6b9-fd2cc09e5724
Specification  Package  Quantity (Set)
 1. 2835SMD LED rigid bar, 1.2 m, 90 LEDs per meter, white color (6500K)
2. Aluminium slot length: 1.2 m silver
3. Power: 7.3 W
EU adapter: DC12V 2 A

2CTNs, 50 pcs/CTN

CTN size: 1300x250x300 mm; 32 kg/CTN

 40, 100, 200

Package: 50 pcs/paper carton
Accessory: Power wire, connector, adapter

f71110fb-3306-40db-8633-8cb4ff07685c 67d16c0f-8809-4bed-86f8-c5f61e5b80ac


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New AD Interactive In-Store Tablets & Outdoor Triangle Poster Stand

New Shop Tablets
Outdoor Triangle Poster Stand


Tested 7″ & 10″ tablets interactive digital signage for touch slide. Including a link to multiple web servers. Android control up to + 1000 shop tablets


  • Best price 7″ for only 169 € / 1282 DKK
  • Best because it is easy to operate with USB
  • Best because of the Dual Touch screen
  • Best because of the anti-theft protection
  • Best because it has good flexible shelves, wall and table mount
  • Best because of its very nice design and very slim format 185 x 117 x 15 mm


Extra Accessories: Mounting frame, wall clip, stand, and shelf mount




Ask us more about Shop Tablet

New Triangle Poster Stand


Triangle aluminium SnapFrames 32 mm, 1800 mm high. Sturdy construction with silver anodised aluminium upright profiles and 3 mounted 32 mm security SnapFrames with galvanised backing. The poster stands are weather resistant with integrated water drainage holes and high-quality, anti-reflective PET protective sheets

Price: 188 € / 1430 DKK

Ask more about Triangle Poster Stand

Ipad kiosks

New iPad Kiosks
7″ LCD POS Video Brochure


Tablet kiosks

  1. For tablet retail display
  2. Desktop 30 degree angle
  3. Charge tablet ,cables inside enclosure
  4. Can add rotate to rotate the tablet to different direction
Color: White & Black
Price: 84 Euro


Tablet kiosks

  1. For tablet retail display
  2. Desktop 45 degree angle
  3. Charge tablet ,cables inside enclosure
  4. Can add rotate to rotate the tablet to different direction
Color: White & Black

Price: 85 Euro


Tablet kiosks

  1. For tablet retail display
  2. Desktop 60 degree angle
  3. Charge tablet ,cables inside enclosure
  4. Can add rotate to rotate the tablet to different direction
Color: White & Black
Price: 86 Euro


Tablet kiosks

  1. For tablet retail display
  2. Desktop with free standing base
  3. Charge tablet ,cables inside enclosure
  4. Can add rotate to rotate the tablet to different direction
Color: White & Black
Price: 104 Euro


Tablet kiosks

  1. For tablet retail display
  2. Walltype 30 degree angle
  3. Charge tablet ,cables inside enclosure
Color: White & Black
Price: 88 Euro


Tablet kiosks

  1. For tablet retail display
  2. Walltype 45 degree angle
  3. Charge tablet ,cables inside enclosure
Color: White & Black
Price: 86 Euro


Tablet kiosks

  1. For tablet retail display
  2. Walltype 60 degree angle
  3. Charge tablet ,cables inside enclosure
  4. Can add rotate to rotate the tablet to different direction
Color: White & Black
Price: 84 Euro


Tablet kiosks

  1. For tablet retail display
  2. Walltype 90 degree angle
  3. Charge tablet ,cables inside enclosure
  4. Can add rotate to rotate the tablet to different direction
Color: White & Black
Price: 76 Euro


Tablet kiosks
  1. For tablet retail display
  2. Floor stand with free standing base
  3. Charge tablet, cables inside enclosure
Color: White & Black
Price: 120 Euro


Landscape & Portrait Switch

Switch allow the tablet enclosure change from Landscape position to Portrait with a 90 degree turn anytime

Color: White & Black
Price: 14 Euro


POS Video Brochure

7″ LCD POS Video Brochure
With a leaflet holder
A stand shelf on the back
Power plug in
350g paper
Convenient to packaging
Materials can make of acrylic
Welcome you to buy samples to test quality

LED Back-Lit OutDoor Banner Box

Big News LED Back-Lit Outdoor Banner Box


Outdoor Mega Size 2 x 5 m LED Banner Box

Size: 2 x 5 m
Depth: 12 cm
Unit Price: 4200 €
Truck Delivery: Flat pack
Banner Vinyl price: 295 €
  In modules

Banner Box 60 mm

Depth: 60 mm
Snap Width: 60 mm
Application: Outdoor/Indoor
Design: Single sided illuminated, frontlit, Snap open frames, Vinyl installation to the visual area by springs
Mounting: Wall mounted mounting, mounting brackets included, power supply external
Delivery: Delivery in unassembled way
Lighting: Illuminated by Power LED
LED: SMD, at flexible PCB, 24 V, 3 years warranty, illuminated with 170 degree, IP64
Lifetime: 50.000 hours (L70)
Illuminance: Standard ca 2000-3000 LUX, depending upon visual’s color on the vinyl
Light color Standard daylight white ca 6500K, other colours on request available
Profile: Aluminum hollow-chamber profile
Color profile: Standard anodized aluminum (EV1), RAL colors available as matted
Position of cable exit: According to requirements without charge
Power supply: Mean Well or Jinbo
Size: 150 x 200 cm
Unit price: 1198 €
Banner vinyl price: 97 €