Airlines And Hotel

Upgrade your airline & hotel information ad display to give finest guest passenger understanding

LED Illuminated Info SnapFrame on Batteries


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LED illuminated SnapFrame poster display in standard sizes A4 & A3
1120 mm total height
Panasonic Lithium ion battery and charger unit, 500 recharges, 7 hrs. Charging time: Runs for 7-9 hours
Aluminum: Silver anodized as standard, RAL colors available

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Digital Info Kiosk

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High Sophisticated Digital Info Systems Super Elegant and Upscale Design


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TT LED Frames indoor for Wayfinding

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Indoor LED prototypes. Can be customs tailored to fit your size

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Wow Effect
Re-chargeable LED Menu Cover

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New fancy LED menu cover, which is widely used for restaurant, club bar, wine bar, hotel etc.

The most popular size:

  • 13,97 cm x 21,59 cm
  • 21,59 cm x 27,94 cm
  • 13,97 cm x 27,94 cm
  • 21,59 cm x 35,56 cm


  • Lighting technology
  • Holds charge up to 12 hours
  • Rechargeable
  • Paper-menu can be printed on regular bond paper, Duratrans™ or back lit paper (for maximum effect)
  • Your custom logo printed on the cover is available

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Electronic Name Badges


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LED Monitors for Your Business


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