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McI-Cloud – Live Update Burger Menu

  LCD digital live menu display – OnDemant Templates for easy and quick use and setup from computer or mobile device Adapt menu based on: Time, Temperature etc. Customer can interact with the display for more specific targeted offers Combine slides with images, video, text Real-Time display of social media content in combination with advertising […]


The Outdoor Projection 5260 is a powerful fixture for integrating textures, patterns and graphics in outdoor lighting designs. The fixture can be used for bright and dynamic logo projection as well as precision framing. Using advanced LED technology, it offers outstanding energy efficiency, compact size and unlimited creative possibilities. Distance from 4-8-12-16-20 m Exterior Projection […]

New Microsound Shelf Talker

New Microsound Shelf Talker & The 4 Christmas Candles Thanks for your patronage in 2016. We have simply the best customers. Many thanks for your business. We hope for the best for 2017 with many more novelties Remember never let the flame of hope disappear ! Merry Christmas Do good and tell about it. Say […]

LED Dice

Charming LED Dice For Shop and Window Wow Effect LED Display Data Specifications P5 Screen Area (m2) (L1.81M*W1.1M*H1.13M) 2.56 LED Lamp 2021 Screen Resolution (pixels) 512 x 256 Total Resolution (pixels) 102400 LED Screen Brightness (nits) 1200 View Angle H 180° V 180° Max Power Consumption (kw) 1.28 Ave. Power Consumption (kw) 0.768 Working Voltage […]

Airlines And Hotel

Upgrade your airline & hotel information ad display to give finest guest passenger understanding LED Illuminated Info SnapFrame on Batteries LED illuminated SnapFrame poster display in standard sizes A4 & A3 1120 mm total height Panasonic Lithium ion battery and charger unit, 500 recharges, 7 hrs. Charging time: Runs for 7-9 hours Aluminum: Silver anodized […]

New LED Channel Letter Pictures

New Outside Facade LED Channel Letter The Absolute Best Prices ! Ask us more about LED Channel Letter Pictures Front-Lit Channel Letters (P5) LED signage of Front-Lit channel letters is most frequently used in advertising application according to the requirement for decoration with a good visual impression Read more about Front-Lit Channel Letters (P5) Back-Lit […]

LED Pop-Up Display Light Series, LED Indoor Light Box

LED Pop-Up Display Light Lamp Model: JZL014 Features: The power for LED Banner Stand Light Model: JZL014 is 5W LED can instead of Halogen Banner Stand Lights save more energy and cost Good quality materials make it have long working life which is up to 50.000 hours Lightweight and portable design give more convenience The […]