LED Dice

Charming LED Dice
For Shop and Window Wow Effect

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LED Display Data

Specifications P5
Screen Area (m2) (L1.81M*W1.1M*H1.13M) 2.56
LED Lamp 2021
Screen Resolution (pixels) 512 x 256
Total Resolution (pixels) 102400
LED Screen Brightness (nits) 1200
View Angle H 180° V 180°
Max Power Consumption (kw) 1.28
Ave. Power Consumption (kw) 0.768
Working Voltage AC 220V / 110V ± 15% 47~64HZ
LED Drive Voltage 5V
Scan Mode 16 Scan
Control Method A synchronization
Grey Scale RGB Each 256 Scales
Display Color 16777216 colors
Best View Distance (m) 5~30
Installation Method Grounded
Working Environment Indoor
Working Environment Temperature -10℃ ~ 40℃
Working Environment Humidity 10% ~ 90% RH

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New Poster Holder HK-40 Beech Wood


Now Only 2125 DKK (280 EUR) for up to 30 Posters up to (Max 18kg)

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Poster Holder HK-40 beech wood

For poster sleeve:

  • NL 62 x 87 cm   116 DKK (16€)/ pcs
  • NL 70 x 100 cm 134 DKK  (18€)/ pcs

Metal Poster Wagons

Poster Wagons or Poster Holders in white color. Poster Wagons offer a stable presentation of posters. Capacity: the sleeves protect up to 2 x 30 pcs. posters against busy-fingers and dust. Easy usage and storages for posters. Lockable wheels.

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Poster Holder LLB-XS
2170 DKK

For poster sleeve:
NL 62 x 87 cm
PA 62 x 87 cm
PAV 62 x 87 cm

Poster Holder LL-M
New price 2695 DKK

For poster sleeve:
NL 70 x 100 cm
PA 70 x 100 cm
PAV 70 x 100 cm

Sleeve NL 70 x 100
134 DKK / pcs

Poster sleeves with 3 sided heavy
textile edge. 0.3 mm high
transparant acid-free
sleeve. Minimum 5 pcs.

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Sleeve PA
62 x 87 cm 179 DKK
70 x 100 cm 199 DKK

3 sided aluminium edge.
The short side at the top is open.

 Sleeve PAV
62 x 87 cm 218 DKK
70 x 100 cm 241 DKK

4 sided aluminium edge.
The two short sides can
be opened and closed.
Protects against dust
and busy-fingers.

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Wall Display / Flipping Wall

Save space and hang the posters on ten wall. Flipping Wall Display in white colored metal, gives the ultimate overview for your posters and save your valuable floor-space. We offer 4 sizes Wall-XS, Wall-S, Wall-M and Wall-WAGON-M each with the capacity for max 30 sleeves (2 x 30 pcs.).

Flipping Wall
Poster sleeves 70 x 100 cm

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2080 DKK

For postersleeve:
PAS 51 x 67 cm
PAVS 51 x 67 cm

2255 DKK

For postersleeve:
PAS 62 x 87 cm
PAVS 62 x 87 cm

2485 DKK

For postersleeve:
PAS 70 x 100 cm
PAVS 70 x 100 cm

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5730 DKK

For postersleeve:
PAS 70 x 100 cm
PAVS 70 x 100 cm

 Sleeve PAS

3 sided aluminium edge.
The short side at the top is open

 Sleeve PAVS

4 sided aluminium edge. The two short
sides can be opened and closed.
Protects against dust and busy-fingers

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New LED Exit Edge-Lit in Any Size

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LED Emergency Exit Signs for cinemas and public places. We can customize all sizes. From DIN A4 size to + 1200 mm LED Bar Light LED rigid bar with aluminum slot, can approve for 6 mm or 5 mm thickness Our price include LED bar, acrylic, aluminum slot, power wire, connector, EU adapter. An economic solution for engraved panels, vinyl letters or digital print stickers


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1. 2835SMD LED rigid bar, 1.2 m, 90 LEDs per meter, white color (6500K)
2. Aluminium slot length: 1.2 m silver
3. Power: 7.3 W EU adapter: DC12V 2 A

Package: 50 pcs/paper carton
Accessory: Power wire, connector, adapter

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