McI-Cloud – Live Update Burger Menu


LCD digital live menu display – OnDemant

  • Templates for easy and quick use and setup from computer or mobile device
  • Adapt menu based on: Time, Temperature etc.
  • Customer can interact with the display for more specific targeted offers
  • Combine slides with images, video, text
  • Real-Time display of social media content in combination with advertising content-similar to social board
  • Features efficient lighting to support clear outdoor display in daytime
  • Content on large LED display recognizable from long distance, maximizes outdoor advertising effect
  • Interaction with the viewers via hashtag communication via social media



Signage like menu board or schedule board must display specified contents following a schedule. And templates for displaying contents in various layouts should be provided. Playlist and displaying schedule are also essential for playing each slide containing text, image, video contents at the specified time.

BlackFrame is a new conceptual software with which users can create and update contents by themselves. Using BlackFrame solution, users can produce contents and update and manage them in real-time with smartphones or tablets.

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