New Branded Solar Charger for Bicycles, Foldable Solar Cell Panel, Solar products TX HOST

New Branded Logo Solar Chargers for Bicycles

UNIVERSAL Elegant attachment design of 2 solar cell mobile modules in any kind of bicycle

VERSATILE Specially designed for cycle tourism routes longer than 3 days. The accumulated energy can be used to light the tent

COMPACT & ELEGANT An innovative design of cutting edge technology in two foldable solar modules, which can be folded


Technical data:

  • Bag of 9 L of capacity divided in 3 rooms
  • 40W of solar power to charge the electric bicycle battery
  • USB port for mobile devices
  • It is enough 8 hours on a sunny day to fully charge the battery
  • 29 x 85 x 49 cm (h x l x w) when unfolded
  • Just 7 kg weight

Get Logo on Foldable Solar Cell Panel

More energy each day: Thanks to the use of low metallization cells which allow a better efficiency of the panel

Foldable: Over three times larger when the panel is opened

High resistance and Walk on panels: Possibility of walking on panels thanks to the use of high resiliency techno-polymers

Microcracking managing: Thanks to the new G Wire technology with highly conductive silver alloy contacts

Light & thin 1/8 weight respect to standard glass panels, just 1.5 mm thin

High resistance to marine environment

Easy to be integrated: Using adhesive and eyelets

Lowlight performance

We have developed a type of foldable photovoltaic panel realized with a new intercontacts technology in highly conductive silver-alloy contacts. The products are made of techno/polymers which give them a higher efficiency and a weight of about 1/8 compared to the traditional glass panels

The specific contacting method together with the use of monocrystalline cells with high efficiency of 17% has led to realize panels with more energy every day

Solar Products TX Host

TX Host: It’s a powerbank of Li-ion with (4) USB Ports for the hospitality business;where it’s collocated on a table in a restaurant/coffee shop to charge the smartphones of the customers while they are having a drink

Light & Thin – Ready to Wear – Make Clients Logo Here

It can be customized with the logo and corporative image of the brand. It has 10.000 mAh of capacity

It can be charged by means of a charge base as you can see in the picture where up to (8) TX Host can be charged at the same time