New Indoor Acrylic Oval/Circle LED & WOW Exhibitions LED Floor For Rental

New Indoor Acrylic Oval/Circle LED


Super flat 12 mm indoor acrylic oval/circle LED wall signs for easy mounting wall incl. adaptor and poster print change by silver colored passé-partout

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 Acrylic circle LED

Poster size 466 mm
Exterior 580 mm dia.
Intro price € 199

 Oval circle LED

Poster size 700 x 350 mm
Exterior 820 x 470 mm
Intro price € 169

Single Sided LED Round Acrylic Light Box


  1. 11 mm deep
  2. 3 mm clear acrylic front plate, 6 mm light guide plate, 2 mm white back acrylic plate
  3. LED strips around for edge lit, white color 6500K
  4. 25 mm width silver printed round edge for hiding the LED chips
  5. CE certificated DC 12V transformer with 1.5 m power cable, AC100~240V input
  6. 30 mm width clear surround edge
  7. 4 chroming bolts for wall mounted

Prices for Single Side LED Round Acrylic Light Box

Size Package Unit Price (EXW) Quantity (Set)
Dia. 800 mm 1pc/box,
Carton size: 870x880x80 mm,
Gross weight: 12.5 kg
€ 330 + 1
Dia. 600 mm 1pc/box,
Carton size: 670x680x80 mm, Gross weight: 8 kg
€ 246 + 1

+ plus DHL Courier Cost € 175

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New LED Step Animation for Exhibition Floor
A Stand Guests Never Forget!


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Fascinate the customers for your next trade show exhibition!Rent a 30 m2 LED floor or smaller size. Fascinate the customers when stepping on the floors – bobbles or fish or your product flashes up. Themes of the pictures animations can be customized very inexpensive from many standard templates.

Many themes to choose from like: deep blue ocean, fruit & food, travel, snow, etc.


Create with us the WOW effect for your products and customers!

References are among others Melodi Grandprix Copenhagen 2014 Victoria Secrets fashion show, trade shows, disco & night clubs etc.






Contact today for a rental agreement as the floors are quickly overbooked!