New LED Channel Letter Pictures

New Outside Facade LED Channel Letter
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Front-Lit Channel Letters (P5)

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LED signage of Front-Lit channel letters is most frequently used in advertising application according to the requirement for decoration with a good visual impression

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Back-Lit Halo Channel Letters (P6)

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LED signage is made of aluminum, stainless steel and special luminance acrylic as the housing material, which is lightweight, smooth, stainless and it can be custom painted to any color finish. Moreover it is flexible glass acrylic sheet for the surface

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Front & Back-Lit Channel Letters (P7)


It can also be applied as 3M translucent graphic film to acrylic sheet surface for various coloring in order to meet all kinds needs. It has long life span and low power consumption to implement environmental protection

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Edge-Lit Channel Letters (P8)


LED signage of Edge-Lit channel letters is with our unique method to make good use of the side illumination to achieve a different effect by the transparent crystal panel surrounded the border of the sign

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Front & Side-Lit Channel Letters (P9)

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LED signage of Front & Back-Lit channel letters contains not only colorful lighting but also high illumination with the combination of front & back-lit lighting style

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Multi Layer LED Signage (P10)


The combo of several front lit signage is constructed in different layers with different gradient in order to create special 3D effects

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