New Outdoor & Indoor Directional Signs & Outdoor Digipan LCD Monitor Uploaded By USB-Stick

New Outdoor & Indoor Directional Signs
Outdoor Digipan LCD Monitor Uploaded by USB-Stick


Digital directions signs:

  • Moving 360 Degrees around
  • Single sided or double sided
  • Control from PC wired network or 3 G Mobile
  • Showing distances, events, minutes to go etc.
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Thermoformed arrows
Shapely mast in extruded aluminium
Overall height: 3.741 mm
Diameter: 140 mm
Arrow size: 1.010 x 275 mm
First arrow is positioned at height of 2.565 mm (down to 2.300 mm, EC rules)

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Low Cost Outdoor Digipan LCD Monitor Uploaded by USB-Stick

For Museums Outdoor38ed7471-9b48-4f5d-a741-5506edeabec7 For Movie Theaters Outdoorabda6899-e3a3-41f3-874c-88c7de0f0cd4
For Churches Outdoor 6944cd48-4c9f-4c47-bf7b-8cf193ff7892  For Sports Outdoor305591dc-1b7d-4d19-9c19-18280d9e635d


Simple to operate – readable in a strong direct sunlight. Ready for Plug & Play with USB stick

  • 32″- 47″ LCD screens
  • Portrait format
  • 1000- 2000 NITS
  • IP 55 (Can take direct rain or water from hose)
  • Operate down to minus 30 Co
  • Aluminum stander pair 2,5 m long. Or wall mounted
  • Very simple up-load of content with USB dongle stick of your Windows Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc.)
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Mounted on aluminum stander legs. Just make 80 cm deep hole into ground and connect 230 V power. Plug & Plays with Digipan – That is easy!



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