New Queue Belt & Night Lit Banner

New Friendly Queue Belts

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Guaranteeing proper privacy protection when frequenting any public place is a key factor for the smooth and pleasant use of a service

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Customers privacy is protected throughout their visit. They judge the service positively, and therefore wish to come back to this shop. There are different colors of belts and different lengths. Our belts are compatible with existing belts


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Night Lit LED Banner


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  • New smart LED Banner for Day & Night
  • Outdoor & Indoor
  • The aerodynamic design – turns in the wind
  • 3 advertizing faces for multiple branding messages
  • Assembles under a minute, using an “umbrella” mechanism
  • Light weight and easy to carry, easy to store
  • Supplied with carry bag, putdoor spike and or indoor stand
  • Requires no electric cords. Batteries last for approx. 12 hours
  • 10 pcs. complete Night-Lit 2 m with full color print 299 € / pcs.
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Turn New Queue Belt Into Profitable Display Business for Branding of Advertisement Space

X-Stream Version

Get the best experience from your customers with brand new solutions for belt tensioning systems for queue lines, take profit of our new trends for promoting your messages while your customers are waiting and enjoy digital solution displays to assure the right information straight away


It combines in a single product guidance sign and space management functions

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X-Stream New Trendsetter in Sporty Design to build add-on billboard advertisement for 3rd party companies:

  • Clean colour of the belt without printing – clean variant gives airport up-scale
  • It is possible to customize corporate webbing colour (Clean look)
  • The up-right pole design gives airport a third party promotional income for renting out advertisement panel space to e.g. mobile phone, Samsonite companies etc.
  • Airport space and guidance management by “Show-me-the-Way” signs like escalators, security, gates, disabled, lounges, WC, etc.
  • Very easy to change image/display as add-on
  • 100% compatible with our other design products

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The sporty design combined with endless personalisation custom options makes X-STREAM the new trend-setter


X-STREAM is an evolved belt tensioning system designed to meet the needs of an ever-changing market




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