New Super Low Price LUXLIGHT & LED Magnetic Frame

For Outdoor in Special Sizes
Single Sided or Double Sided
Super Low Price Compared with City
Light Poster


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Brilliant Super Slim and Light Weighted

Only 32 mm Deep

Color & Design on Request

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Elegant LED Poster Stand

Double Sided & Single Sided

Outdoor & Indoor

Brochure Holder

Dimmer Control

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Technical Data

Depth: From 32 mm

Width: 30 mm black passe-partout print

Application: Indoors & Outdoor

Design: Super slim, double sided, free standing illuminated poster display

Size: A2 – A1- 2A1 – B2 – B1 – 22″ x 56″ as standard, 1700 mm total height

Mounting: Free standing, baseplate mounted to light box with 4x bolts throughpredrilled holes

Delivery: Unassembled in two corner secured carton boxes

Print: Best view by Duratrans® (Lambda print)

Lighting: Cast acrylic sheets with optimized laser engraved dot pattern, edge lit by LED strips

LED: SMD at flexible PCB, OSRAM chips, 100 chips/meter Lifetime: 50000 hours

Illuminance: 2000 LUX min. Light color (CCT): 6500K

Optionally dimming: Available upon request

RGB: Available upon request

Remote Controller: Available upon request

Power supply: Jinbo power supply with EU plug

Profile: Aluminum, E6EV1

Color profile: Silver anodized as standard, RAL colors available

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ALTLX.D30C.2A1DN 594 mm X 1682 mm
ALTLX.D30C.B2DN 500 mm X 700 mm
ALTLX.D30C.B1DN 700 mm X1000 mm
ALTLX.D30C.2256DN 22″ X 56″

in Special Size and Color

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Great Low Prices for LED Magnetic Frame for sizes up to 180 x 300 cm

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Max size: Standard sizes DIN A0 (max. 3000 mm special)

Depth: 15 mm

Width: 30 mm passe-partout (any color)

Application: Indoors only

Design: 3 mm acrylic front with magnetic closure

Standard sizes: A4-A3-A2-A1-A0, 50×70 cm & 70×100 & 100 x 140 cm

Life time: 50.000 hours

Illuminates: 2000 LUX high brightness, 6500 K

Standard frame color: Silver anodized. 10% extra for RAL colors and 2-colors option

Double sided: 30 mm depth

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DINA0: 335€
DINA1: 195€
DINA2: 135€
DINA3: 99€
DINA4: 78€

100 x 140 cm: 560€
70 x 100 cm: 270€
50 x 70 cm: 190€

Ex works

Stock articles (10 days) + shipping transit

Mega Size Magnetic Frame

Only in the world to offer frame size up to 180 x 300 cm. Please send inquiry!

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