New Video Sidewalk A-Board & Wayfinding Classic Line

New Video Sidewalk A-Board
Play Film in Front of the Shop
95 cm High, 30 kg Only!

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Clean and simple portable design. Compact size and lockable wheels, make it suitable for any indoor location. Videos, images and animations can be viewed with the greatest flexibility and simplicity thanks to the quality of the Full HD 32″ LCD panel.

Film media is simply loaded to a local memory card, USB stick or can also be sent remotely through a simple software application via the Internet. Use is everywhere: cafes, bakeries, bookstores, fashion boutiques, fast-food. All messages will be communicated effectively in a brand new eye-catching way.

  • Full HD resolution. Audio sound as option
  • Easy to lift and move by hidden back wheels
  • Free Digital Signage Software
  • Wi-Fi or USB uploading
  • Local or remote content delivery
  • Primary brand professional LCD’s
  • Avoid printing costs – your business becomes alive


Model Description Q-ty Price per unit (€) Total unit price (€)
SDK20.P32 SideWalk Poster Portrait LCD panel 32″ Nits 450, IP 20 1 1250 1250
OFD.LC.1 Client Logo customization (Standard: Digital printed logo) 1 270 free
OSW.CC.32 Custom color for Structure Colors: Black or White as standard 1 290 optional
OFD.MPSW.0 Media-Player Stand-Alone-USB Android Full HD capable player for loop playing of media files from USB card – (Video: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, WMV; Image: JPEG, BMP, PNG) 1 140 optional
OFD.WIFI.2 Wireless Module – 802.11a/b/g/n protocols 1 90 optional

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Wayfinding Classic Line
High Scale Design
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Easy message change is one of the distinctive features of EXCHANGE. The ALLFLEX frame can hold EXCHANGE solutions on steel cables or Stilo bars using elegant system of plain yet effective elements that are highly modular and can create infinite combinations.

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GRAPHIC is an elegant lightweight display system that is quick and easy to install. It comprises a series of custom methacrylate panels and is available in a wide range of different formats and finishes to suit any architectural style.

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INFOPOLE is an invaluable resource for communicating and displaying that fits in anywhere thanks to its elegant, functional design.

The slim free-standing or wall-mounted system can be enriched with an assortment of different elements.

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