Shop Systems & Wind-Blow For Wayfinding Signs And Display Systems

New Shops & Wind-Blow for Wayfinding Signs

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Wind-Blow Pictogram

The system consists of series of elements to create infinite configurations, maximizing the visibility of content through, pictogram, three-dimensional directional caps and arrows, message panel hangers, message panel plates, safety signs and message panel totem stands.

Arrows (140, 70 and 35 cm of diameter): Injection moulded in coloured polycarbonate.

Caps (140, 70 and 35 cm of diameter) and panels: Injection moulded in light or dark coloured polycarbonate. Flat panels are made of ABS coloured sheet for background



Wind-Blow Hanger Wind-Blow Window/Wall
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Wind-Blow Safety Sign
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Wind-Blow Dandex
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TT LED Frames indoor for Wayfinding

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Examples for indoor prototypes. Can be customs tailored to fit your size

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Wing Direction Signs for Shopping Malls

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Display Systems

The role of merchandising has never been greater. We offer the newest and most unique display systems at the best price



Visual-Display is a new frontier in display systems meeting various promotional and sales requirements. Highly flexible system achieves three separate goals – displaying, directing and communicating – in a single configuration with an attractive look and state-of-the-art functions

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Mobile Display


Mobile-Display is a transferable system enhanced by castors for unparalleled versality, where communicative energy is used to serve any kind of commercial environment, exactly where, how and when required

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A slim yet sturdy structure, stand-alone or wall-mounted, that houses numerous display elements – open boxes, message and custom panels, advertising banners and shelves. They can be combined to enhance the impact of Info-Bar, which is also ideal for confined spaces and places with intense pedestrian traffic

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A well-defined structure comprising a few simple elements forms the basis of a highly versatile modular system that can be used for displaying, directing and communicating. The modular cable systems are extraordinarily flexible. The tensioners support a structure to which any combination of display elements can be applied
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