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A modular construction consists of a few simple elements and forms the basis of a highly versatile modular system that can be used for displaying, directing and communicating. The modular cable systems are extraordinarily flexible. The tensioners support a structure to which any combination for display elements can be applied. Modular stands are easy to use as well as they are fully customizable, what allows it to reflect any changes you wish.   Applications     Message panels, shelves, leaflet holders and boxes are the main elements that can be used to personalize any Allflex installation to the customer’s exact specifications.  


Infopole is an invaluable resource for communicating and displaying that fits in anywhere thanks to its elegant, functional design. The slim free-standing or wall-mounted system may be enriched with an assortment of different elements. They can be combined at will, to enhance the impact of info stand, which is also ideal for confined spaces and places with intense pedestrian traffic. 


Mobilflex is a dynamic display system enhanced by castors for unparalleled versatility, where communicative energy is used to serve any kind of commercial environment, no matter where, how and when required. The movable wall is perfect for advertising, as you are not bounded to one particular place. Totally mobile retail display.  

Display Unit Aluminum Stander

Display Stand is a commercial setting with perfect display units to meet various promotional and sales requirements. An attractive design with a combination of multifunctionality achieves 3 goals – displaying, directing and communicating.   The structure has aluminium sections and it is electrified. That makes it possible to combine with LED panels or mini LED installations. Application A discreet modern structure for interactive communication and display – a composition of linear elements that includes display shelves, a custom panel and a multimedia solution for impeccable multi-sensory communication.