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Flipping Wall Poster Display

Choose the way you want to expose your posters using and save space by Flipping Wall display. Flipping Wall Display in white colored metal, gives the ultimate overview for your posters and save your valuable floor-space. We offer 4 sizes Wall-XS, Wall-S, Wall-M and Wall-WAGON-M each with the capacity for max 30 sleeves (2 x 30 pcs.). Wall-XS For poster sleeves: PAS 51 x 67 cm PAVS 51 x 67 cm Wall-S For poster sleeves: PAS 62 x 87 cm PAVS 62 x 87 cm Wall-M For poster sleeves: PAS 70 x 100 cm PAVS 70 x 100 cm Wall-Wagon-M For poster sleeves: PAS 70 x 100 cm PAVS 70 x 100 cm Sleeves PAS 3 sided aluminum edge. The short side at the top…

Poster Wagons Cart

Poster sleeves wagon or poster cart in metal for professional use in white color. Large poster rack storage offers a stable presentation of paper posters, pictures and drawings. The sleeves protect up to 2 x 30 pcs. posters against busy-fingers and dust. Easy usage and storages for posters. Lockable wheels. Poster Storage LLB-XS For poster sleeves: NL 62 x 87 cm PA 62 x 87 cm PAV 62 x 87 cm Poster Storage LL-M For poster sleeves: NL 70 x 100 cm PA 70 x 100 cm PAV 70 x 100 cm Poster wagon storage HK-40 beechwood For poster sleeves: NL 62 x 87 cm NL 70 x 100 cm Sleeves NL Plakatchartek with 3 sided heavy textile edge. 0.3 mm high transparant acid-free sleeves….