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Classic Line


Traditional Solutions – Exchange, Graphic, Mobileflex, Infopole, Expoflex, Frameflex, Coridale Plus, Flexbook.


Exchange Line


Exchange Line allows efficient and flexible communication thanks to its versatile structure featuring a few effective basic elements that can be combined in multiple ways to suit the customer’s requirements.


Graphic Line


Graphic Line is a series of custom methacrylate panels for conveying the user’s own images, brands and messages. Graphic’s slim functional design makes it exceptionally versatile and customized.


Message Exchange


Side clips for easy opening and a hermetic seal.

Just raise Graphic’s magnetic frame and replace the notice – open, remove, insert.




With Mobileflex, messages can be conveyed exactly in the desired manner. The castor wheels give it unmatched flexibility, emphasized by leaflet holders and adjustable lights alongside the more traditional Exchange or Graphic panels.

Mobileflex comprises modular elements, either fixed or on castors, allowing multiple layouts and easy transformation of the display areas.





Infopole is an invaluable resource for communicating and displaying that fits in anywhere thanks to its elegant, functional design.

The slim free-standing or wall-mounted system can be enriched with an assortment of different elements.


Display panels in various formats, combined with strategic light sources to highlight the message, are one of the numerous configurations possible with Infopole.






Expoflex perfectly frames different display elements for enhanced visibility. It features an elegant floor stand and a frame containing display panels and brochure holders, allowing efficient communication management in any part of the room.




Adding renewed force to images and messages, without affecting their presentation – this is the sole purpose of FRAMEFLEX. The frame of essential design can suit any architectural style or setting, and it is quick and easy to change the message.


Cordiale Plus


Cordiale Plus comprises a swivel stand that can hold notices and leaflets. An invaluable tool for elegant distribution of printed material. Positioned inside display areas and public waiting rooms, CORDIALE PLUS attracts attention to itself, provides information and dispenses leaflets in an orderly fashion.




Flexbook is a must for displaying large format messages. Elegant and professional, it holds a large amount of information that can be consulted in book form, and the sheets are quick and easy to change. A wall-mounted version of Flexbook can be used when a limited amount of space is available. The number of panels can be altered at will, making the system extremely versatile.