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Sign Line Popular Magnetic Frame Signage for Information


The Sign Line is a message holder system characterized by the revolutionary new magnetic system for message display. Easy to handle, it disposes of several formats, adaptable to any kind of environment and this display light box can be customized upon request. It consists of the combination of two transparent panels which are joint on one side and then it adheres to the remaining three sides.

The panel has a methacrylate sheet with 5 mm of thickness. The transparent covering is made of PETG with a 1 mm thick sheet with a printed silver cover-mount. It is joint to the panel through grey nylon clips ultrasonically welded.

Message Exchange

A sheet of clear methacrylate coupled with magnetic strips on all sides guarantees easy opening and a hermetic seal.
Just raise Sign Line’s magnetic frame and replace the notice – open, remove, insert.


Thanks to the handy locking element, the system can be free standing or mounted on a wall or window.

Sign Index

The LED Index Sign is an indoor totem with a freestanding message display. Plain shapes and easy message changeover make it a brand new product on the market.