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Display & Room Booking Management



Display & Room booking management improves visitor experience, adds efficiency to meetings and events and keeps the information up-to-date. Combining smart system with a new interactive display is indispensable for successful work.

Strategically right located screens in reception areas, thoroughfares and directly outside rooms show meeting and event information. Interactive screens allow users access and even control meeting space.




Enhanced Visitor Experience

Leads to less hassle, less wasted time, a better working environment and increased customer retention.


Seamless Experience

Configurable branding and layout, so that your visitors see a consistent and slick system across all your devices.


Promote Events

Display event information on large screens, online & outside individual rooms. Reach the greatest audience with the greatest influence.


No more booking conflicts

Clear on-screen and online access to room schedules to find and manage available meeting space. Book office directly at screen level or online.


End Visitor Confusion

Add detailed event media, graphics and messages to personalize event experience. Integrate it with Wayfinding to manage visitor flow.


Highly Configurable

Whether the focus of your event space is internal meetings, organization visitors or the general public, one can easily set up the system to best suit the needs of the attendees.




Multilingualism –  Support 14 languages (Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish)


Effective space management – Increases efficiency by utilizing your existing building facility resources fully and stops from unnecessary investments in new meeting rooms etc.


Save time – You do not have to run around looking for a free space, instead, one can just book meeting quickly from anywhere you are. Moreover, it gives employees more time to focus on other tasks


Flexible integration – Supports multiple operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows,  or Android. You can choose from full hardware + software package or just one or the other


European developed software – Provides with an excellent product quality and reliability, so the device will last even longer


Improve your working environment – Lack of space and inefficient space management can result in a frustration among employees. The meeting room booking system contributes to rising satisfaction level


Monitor room usage  – You can see a report about workspace and meeting room usage for recordkeeping purposes. That helps to determine what kind of room you need


Need help?  – Our free hotline support service ensures that our customers are provided with the level of maintenance they need




With booking system you can:

See current meetings and future reservation

Search for available meeting rooms based on preferred parameters such as location, size, equipment etc.

Create, confirm, extend and cancel meetings

Order extra services, such as catering, equipment, table arrangement and etc

Show availability of multiple meeting rooms on one display

Use pin code protection

Use color coding to visualize free / occupied status

Use built-in templates

Design own layouts, for example with video