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Alu Tube Banner System

Connecta is an aluminum tube system for indoor and outdoor large format banner (Trampoline principle) 45 mm dia. pipes up to 6000 mm in length by more than 25 cast aluminum fittings, parts, and corners of all possible angles in the building system.



  • Quick and easy installation
  • Maintenance free
  • Strong and durable in high winds and rain
  • Supply of semi-finished kits with all accessories such as S-hooks, elastic straps, etc. for easy re-distribution
  • Many application areas such as large-format billboards, shopping mind-directions, road signs, gymnasiums, stadium, parks, camping, etc.


Connecta construction site alu. signage


Save time and money on the construction site, by easy and quick mounting on portable lightweight Connecta at home or in your workshop. On top of this, the Connecta signage frame/rack can be used again and again.


Principle idea:



90 degrees angle frame