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Wayfinding Sign Line


The pure design of the locking element and transparent surfaces make Wayfinding Sign Line the ideal way to enhance any message in any kind of setting, and a revolutionary solution with magnetic message change. Perfect for use as office directional signs.

Message Exchange

A sheet of clear methacrylate coupled with magnetic strips on all sides guarantees easy opening and a hermetic seal.

Just raise Wayfinding Sign Line’s magnetic frame and replace the notice – open, remove, insert.





Applicable as department signs, office door signs, toilet signs or no smoking reminder, etc. Dut to its versatility, you can use them as you need.
Thanks to the versatile locking element, the system can stand alone or be positioned on a wall or window, hung like a flag, suspended or fixed to a post.

Made of clear methacrylate, Sign Line frames the message with an elegant silver mount.