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Exhibition Counter Displays

  CONVEX PANSET COUNTER   Outward curved folding counter, a combination of aluminum gear ring profile and PVC foam sheets; top-plate either white or beech wood-look. Shelf made of white PVC. Carry-on bag optional.   Price: + 10 pcs.           114,19 € / 867 DKK /pcs. MIDSIZE CONVEX COUNTER   The low-cost counter made of alu. profile and PVC-foam. Top and shelf made of white plastic. Transport bag upon request. Graphics production upon request! Price: + 10 pcs.           114,19 € / 867 DKK /pcs. MAXI FRAME COUNTER   Aluminum folding counter for textile graphics, lightweight and stable. Quick and toll-less set-up-easy change of textile graphics (washable and crease-resistant). It comes with a white top and aluminum intermediate shelf. Customised versions and transport bag upon request. Lateral graphic…

Exhibition Centro Tradeshow Display

  Designed to expose visual messages at trade fairs, exhibitions, receptions, hotels, shopping centers, theatres, museums, etc. Flat Panels The 2000 mm x 700 mm graphics panel mounted, can easily be expanded to display more than one. CG3, CGS3: 2000 mm x 2100 mm CG2, CGS2: 2000 mm x 1400 mm   Curved Panels CG2C, CGS2C: 2000 mm x 1400 mm   CG3C, CGS3C: 2000 mm x 2100 mm   Extensions Centro Mini 1000 mm x 350 mm   Centro Flag   Centro Banner All in One 2000 mm x 500 mm   Portable Showcases Shelf dimensions: 670 x 1300 mm Overall height 2000 mm   A demountable exhibition display or a permanent retail rack   Product and graphics bag   The graphic panels are…