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Shelving Gondola LCD Add-Player

Mini LCD Screen enables your ads rotation being in the closest way to the customer. Our ad displays available in two models of the same functions & design. The difference between them is our AD704-1 model is of higher resolution 800 x 480, which can display the pictures & videos of richer color more clearly. Both models are widely used at supermarket shelf, DIY shops, chain stores and so on for promoting products.


Our AD703-1 & AD704-1 models are with following key functions:

  • Auto-play function: Once power on, the player would automatically play & replay in a loop.
  • Timer function: The player can turn ON/OFF at the time you present every day. No need for a manual operation.
  • USB Auto upgrade: You can upgrade the content of the player by simply inserting a USB drive. No need to take out of the memory card or connect to PC. This function saves you a lot of workload & time for changing new content.
  • IR Sensor: The player would begin to play when it detects a viewer. When one leaves, the player would keep playing for a while and then stop. This function can be enabled or disabled. And it saves your power.
  • Anti-theft device: Our card protector & cable lock can effectively prevent the memory card & the whole player from being stolen in public place.