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LED Edge-Lit Poster Signage

LED Edge-Lit poster display.

Extra flat LED light frame for slides and posters, indoor use.

A smooth and easy to change poster frame made of anodized aluminum. The special light-reflecting film ensures the even and clear illumination of slides, posters and other printed digital material (8 mm) in both small and large formats.


In shop windows and shopping center showrooms, real-estate offices, employment agencies as well as at photographic expositions, exhibitions at trade shows, etc. Also frequently used in offices as decorative poster frame or as a signposting system.


  • Depth 25 mm
  • Applicable for portraits and landscapes
  • Single or double-sided (in standard poster formats)
  • Ceiling and wall-mounting possible with suspension system
  • Long life due to LED diode
  • Energy saving

Easy To Assembly & Use

The clever RVS assembly system can be completed by a single person in no time. The easily removable anti-reflex covering leaf makes changing the poster or slide a matter of seconds, without any tools being required!