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Blow Line


Curved shapes, a total lack of sharp corners and three-dimensional messages make BLOW Indoor Signs truly unique. Blow gives the impression that the walls themselves are communicating. These creative wayfinding signs have a slim profile, almost coplanar with the wall, swells to capture your attention and guide you in places you do not know.

The Blow modular system allows an infinite number of configurations. Thanks to its swivel coupling, the arrow can be turned in any direction making BLOW exceptionally versatile. These indoor directional signs are perfect for indicating in a museum, as airport wayfinding signage, restroom signs or indoor signs wherever you want.

Wall, window, flag, hanging and free-standing versions are available.


Blow is the ideal solution for directing, explaining and instructing, the main purpose of Wayfinding Signage.

It is made of colored polycarbonate. The background colors are white and anthracite grey, the colors of text and pictorials are not random, they are carefully selected to make the message highly visible and readable, as the findings of a recent study have shown. The message change system can be inserted in the 14 cm slot and associated with an arrow and outer ring. The message is 10 cm across and up to 1 mm thick. The kit provided contains a sheet of A4 paper ready-cut.