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Pervia Guidance Sign Posts

Find your way with Pervia Guidance Sign Posts.

A smart and simple aluminium finger signposting system. Easy to mount on steel finger-posts or aluminium panels, both for indoor and outdoor.




Gallows and parts delivered directly from stock


The Pervia system consists of 2 aluminium mounting-frames. The parts are assembled within this frame by attaching them to the posts using socket ( Allen Hex Key) screws.

The signs can be mounted at various height levels. The use of different colored rings and signs gives a playful and eye-catching effect. Between 4 and 8 signs can be placed at each level, depending upon the chosen type: 40 or 60 mm. The signpost finger signs are sealed with aluminum end-caps and the post with a top plastic end-cap.



Assembly instruction


Plate adaptor. This facilitates the mounting of thinner sign plates made of plastic or aluminium. Detailed assembly instructions see below. All profiles can cut to your wanted size and in the RAL color finish your request.